It was a huge moment of pride in October when I received my Microsoft MVP award. It was as big a moment when I got my acceptance to NDC London to speak on RESTful APIs using ASP.NET ten days later.

I'm thrilled and grateful that another one of my talks was picked up for the 10th NDC Oslo - this time on a maintainable RESTful API architecture using ASP.NET Core. It's really the sequel to the talk I gave at NDC and several other conferences/user groups last year. I'm moving beyond the theoretical and diving into implementation of a API architecture that I think is maintainable for the life of your API.

I wanted to take a moment and thank NDC for giving me a chance to present at not only one but two conferences this year. As far as conferences go, NDC has the whole package - they have a content lineup that is unrivaled and go out of their way to make their attendees and speakers feel loved.

I'm told that NDC takes chances on newer speakers. For taking a chance on this new speaker from my little corner of the Midwest, I'm very grateful. You've created an eternally loyal speaker in me.

This is going to be an exciting year.