I’m convinced there are no good laptops right now for developers.

Things I want: quad core, decent battery life, 32GB of RAM, MacBook-esque trackpad.

Here’s basically my choices:

  • Macbook Pro, but only 16 GB of RAM
  • Any other machine that has some problem

I bought a Dell XPS 15 last week to see if it could be my development machine. It has a lot of pros but one huge con.

Good: screen amazing, 32 GB RAM, travel friendly.
Bad: Only decent battery life, trackpad good but nothing like MacBook still.
Ugly: Every 10-20 words, it types two spaces.

When I googled the issue, I was shocked – this has been a problem for a long time apparently with no good remedy.

So, I’m left with two choices. Keep it and buy a Dell protection plan so they can fix it onsite, or return it. I’m not testing Dell support hell – the notebook isn’t good enough in any other way for me to take that gamble.

Guess I’m waiting for a 32 GB MacBook.